Norwegian Business Association India
Membership Details

  • NBAI is open to all Norwegian companies operating in India including: joint ventures, partnership firms  and also for other companies with strong ties to Norway or Norwegian business community.
  • We offer membership to companies, individual members who have business interests in Norway.
  • Any company or person, wishing to become a member of the society shall submit its/his/her particulars to the Business Promotion Manager of the society along with the prescribed entrance fee on an application for membership in such a form as  determined by the Governing body.
  • Application is subject to approval from the NBAI, Board of Directors.
  • It should be noted that NBAI is a non-profit and independent association and is set up primarily to promote trade, commerce and industry  and maintain the economic, social and cultural interests and relations between Norway and India.
  • NBAI does not work for the motive of profit.
  • Therefore, NBAI cannot be used as a platform for buying , marketing or selling services or goods.
Benefits of NBAI membership:

  • Introduction to the Royal Norwegian Embassy, Royal Norwegian Consulate  and Innovation Norway.
  • Access to “Team Norway” events.
  • Access to high level business delegation.
  • Networking opportunities.
  • Close working relationships with other Nordic chambers.
  • Access to NBAI’s exclusive events.
  • Branding opportunities
  • Access to exclusive events
  • Knowledge through participation programs : Webinars, Seminars , Workshops, Training programs .
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